Uji Matcha Tea Drink

A new and innovative product to the tea drink sector.

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In 2013 London Tea Exchange (LTE) started a pilot programme in Sweden. Sweden was selected on the basis that it was one of the lowest tea consuming countries in Europe. The rational was to use the country as a testing ground and use the finding from the pilot to introduce the brand to the rest of the world.

During the pilot programme, LTE was made aware of a major concern with students and young people drinking energy drink and mixing with alcohol. This resulted in a number of fatalities at the time.

During one event, Aliur met various senior business leaders as well as members of the Royal family, where he was asked whether LTE can develop a drink that was natural and a alternative to the taurine based energy drinks. This was taken up as a challenge by Aliur and after almost three years of research and development, the outcome was Uji Matcha Tea Drink!   

Uji Matcha Drink

Introduction to Uji

London Tea Exchange is proud to present Uji Matcha Tea Drink, a new and innovative product to the tea drink sector. As the key ingredient of the drink is Matcha, London Tea Exchange wanted the name to reflect and focus on its origins, history and culture.

Uji is a region of Kyoto in Japan. It is known as the birth place of Matcha and is still considered to produce the finest Matcha in the world.

The Matcha Tea Ceremony is a key symbol of Japanese culture and the tea has been used for hundreds of years for meditation and relaxation. As recognition of Japanese food and culture grows globally, Matcha is being recognised and global demands has sky rocketed in recent years.

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What is Matcha?

Special tea leaves are sourced exclusively from controlled organic farming in Kagoshima and Aichi in southern Japan. A two-stage shading system provides the tea leaves with an enormous amount of amino acids and quadruples the content of catechin increasing the anti-oxidant levels.

Only the soft top leaves are harvested; twigs and stems are removed from the leaves. Thereafter, the leaves are steamed and dried. Granite stone mills grind the leaves slowly and gently to produce the final Matcha powder.

With Matcha, you consume the entire tea leaf. 100% of the valuable ingredients can therefore release their beneficial effect.

The Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value measures the antioxidant levels in food. The value of Matcha drink has 1,573 ORAC units. In comparison, Matcha has 20 times more antioxidants than super food such as acai berry. Organic Matcha provides long lasting clarity and alertness and has been used for centuries in Japan for mediation and relaxation.

Uji Matcha Tea

About Uji Matcha Tea Drink

Uji Matcha Tea Drink is the worlds first sparkling tea drink using Organic Matcha and natural caffeine. Uji Matcha Tea drink has a refreshing and pleasant taste of Mango and Citrus. The colour is a light yellow-green, the liquid is slightly turbid by the addition of natural Matcha.

Key Features Include:

  • A Sparkling Matcha Tea Drink – one of the first of its kind
  • Organic – Only contains carefully selected organic ingredients
  • Non-genetically modified, and free of preservatives
  • Contains Bioavailable Matcha
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians
  • BPA* free cans (*Bisphenol A)
  • Slim-line can with 250 ml
  • Gluten-free
Matcha Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Matcha contains five times more caffeine than coffee! Through the coupling of the caffeine to the tanning agents, the caffeine is reabsorbed by the body over a longer period of time.

The green caffeine is gentle on the stomach and stimulates without agitating! During the Imperial Era, Matcha was seen as a source of perpetual life.

Matcha has six times more anti-oxidants than goji berries and two-and-a-half times more than acai berries. Matcha contains vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients, and anti-oxidants that are 100% bioavailable!

Matcha is known for its wide range of benefits including energizing, detoxing, and anti-aging as well as by supporting effective weight management.

Uji Drink

Why Make Uji a Part of Your Life

Antioxidants Matcha has 37 times more than green tea, 17 times more than blueberries and 6 times more than goji berries.

Metabolism, Energy & Lower Cholesterol Consuming Matcha can help your body burn calories 4 x faster than normal, boosts energy and sustains it throughout the day as well as increases focus and has been proven to lower bad (LDL) cholesterol.

Stress Relief, Detox & Anti-Aging Matcha contains L-theanine, an amnio acid, which helps to calm your mind. Matcha has one of the best source of catechins. It has high concentration of chlorophyll, which helps eliminate chemicals from the body and helps reduce inflammation to help you look and feel younger.

Awards & Recognitions

London Tea Exchange have won several awards directly linked to Uji Matcha Tea Drink and have been recognised for the efforts made in wider society. Amongst others they include:

UK Trade and Investment – London Export Champions 2019 & 2020
LUX Life Food and Drink Awards 2019 – LUX Innovation Award in Artisanal Beverage Curation 2019
UKBCCI 2019 – Best Products of the Year
London Civic Award for CSR Work – 2018
National Award for Innovation – 2018

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London outlining his support of the London Tea Exchange. In his speech he stated: “London is a melting pot of different cultures and London Tea Exchange expresses these in the highest standards”. London Tea Exchange is in the process of launching a number of unique tea products including Uji Matcha Tea Drink!

Contact Us

London Tea Exchange is continually looking into the luxury food and drinks market. We are in the process of launching a number of premium products over the coming months, and will be looking to engage with leading companies as part of our global reach. Our targets markets include:

Middle East
United States and Canada

London Tea Exchange is emboldened by luxury, yet stripped of pretence. Our aim is to locate stores that are masterfully designed, staffed and operated in some of the most desirable destinations across the globe. Authentic to the core, yet loyal to a set of powerful values that provide a solid foundation for success.

We invite you to join us, to imagine, collaborate, create, build and bring to life a brand that knows no boundaries for unprecedented growth. It would be our privilege to speak to you about London Tea Exchange development opportunities.

Japanese Matcha Tea Tradition